Ceco Building System Certified Dealer
Ceco Building Systems

From concept to completion, Ceco Building Systems understands exactly what it takes to make a building project successful. We place a high value on the customer relationships we build. And we have the knowledge, experience and strength to create reality from vision.

That’s why Ceco is trusted with such a wide range of custom metal building projects, including many of our nation’s steel government buildings, steel office buildings and steel school buildings.

When you think of a metal building, you might imagine a simple, rectangular structure. While Ceco can provide such a building at a very competitive price and with ease and efficiency, we specialize in metal building systems that are far more complex. More importantly, no matter what the scope of your project, your satisfaction is our priority.

Frame systems and more for flexibility in design.
At Ceco, our building frame systems, roof panel systems and wall paneling systems provide a surprising range of architectural possibilities in steel construction. Plus, our wide range of materials and products include several affordable options to help keep your project within your budget. For a quick look at the diverse designs for both commercial buildings and private facilities made possible with Ceco’s intelligent building systems, view our project gallery of custom metal buildings. One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that Ceco offers more than steel-strong materials and aesthetic design.

And that's how Ceco Building Systems and Dough Cooper Construction can meet your specific needs. Combining our construction expertise and knowledge of this area with Ceco's 'function oriented' design methods, you maximize space wile staying in budget. Visually attractive with uncompromised quality, your Ceco building will meet and exceed your requirements. Call us today to see how our design flexibility can bring your building project within budget without sacrificing time, quality or performance.